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Sharply serrated 3.47" Fossil Megalodon Tooth: Scuba Diving Discovery from Georgia

Sharply serrated 3.47" Fossil Megalodon Tooth: Scuba Diving Discovery from Georgia

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Species: Carcharocles Megalodon

Size - 3.47" long

Location - Georgia, USA

Age - Pliocene-Miocene - Appx 4-7 million years old

Remarks - Unearthed Treasures: Sharply Serrated 3.47" Fossil Megalodon Tooth 🌊 Dive deep into the mystique of ancient oceans with our extraordinary Fossil Megalodon Tooth, discovered in the dark waters of the rivers in Georgia, USA. This rare and meticulously preserved artifact offers a glimpse into the awe-inspiring world of the Megalodon, the largest predator to ever roam the seas.

🔍 Features: 

✨ Authentic 3.47" Megalodon Tooth: Witness the magnificence of a genuine Megalodon tooth, finely preserved and showcasing the razor-sharp serrations that made this apex predator an unparalleled force in the ancient oceans.

🌐 Scuba Diving Discovery: Uncover the secrets of the deep as this fossilized treasure emerges from the dark water river depths. Each tooth is a testament to the incredible journey through time, waiting to be explored by passionate collectors and ocean enthusiasts. Dark River scuba for Megalodon teeth is definitely not for everybody! These brave divers face conditions like low visibility, waters infested with alligators, and high traffic of boats. 

🇺🇸 Origin: Proudly sourced from the rivers of Georgia, USA, this Megalodon tooth brings a piece of prehistoric history to your fingertips. Own a unique relic that once belonged to the mighty ruler of the seas.

📜 100% authentic with no repair or restoration. All known geographical information will be provided to the buyer.

🦑 Perfect Gift for Marine Enthusiasts: Surprise the ocean lover or scuba diving enthusiast in your life with this extraordinary fossil. It's a conversation starter, a piece of natural art, and a thrilling connection to Earth's ancient past.

🌟 Dive into the past and own a piece of history with our Sharply Serrated 3.47" Fossil Megalodon Tooth. Order now and let the mysteries of the deep enchant your collection! 🌊🦷 #MegalodonDiscovery #OceanHistory #FossilCollector 🦈✨

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