Aurora Fossil Museum

The official museum for the town of Aurora, NC and the world famous PCS Phosphate mine. Great site (and a must-see museum) with wonderful staff with loads of information on local fossil collecting. **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**

Hands-down the best shark tooth identification guide on the web as well as numerous articles on the evolution of sharks with several different viewpoints. This is the best fossil shark tooth informational site on the web and a must-see.

Oceans of Kansas Paleontology

Mike Everhart’s page offers complete and very interesting coverage of the Upper Cretaceous fauna (including sharks, fish, reptiles, etc.) found in Kansas. This is the place to learn about Mosasaurs or the geological history of Kansas and has great pictures of some very rare fossils as well as detailed drawings. Some one-of-a-kind stuff here.....Great site!

The Fossil Forum

One of the better fossil chat sites out there - lots of knowledgeable shark collectors as well.

Wild Tours/Megalodon Expeditions - **HIGHLY RECOMMENDED**

We get many requests for fossil sites and how & when to collect. This solves all the problems for those visiting Florida. Mark Renz is a professional fossil guide in SW Florida who guides collectors to local hotspots in search of a variety of different fossils (from shark teeth to Giant Sloth bones and shells - whatever you desire). A friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable person, get in touch with Mark for more information.