While we take great joy in making the highest quality specimens available to collectors we are also able to offer a wholesale supply of shark teeth to other resellers. We maintain a large inventory of shark teeth in all grades/qualities and are able to offer wholesale pricing to resellers in bulk. Whether you sell on other Web pages, auction sites, gift shops, flea markets, social media, or other venues we can supply you teeth for prices where you can make a good profit.

The markets have changed a lot over the years, but one thing hasn't - if you can't get stock then you can't sell and make a living. We're lucky to have a steady supply of teeth coming in on a regular basis and buy in huge quantities for the best possible prices.......which likewise enables us to be able to sell in bulk. We think you'll agree our prices are more than competitive with anything else you can find in the wholesale market and our grading is very consistent and above average.​

If you are in need of teeth for resell then CONTACT US to discuss pricing and minimum requirements. Thank you very much.​

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