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Pair of Upper Fossil Hexanchus gigas - Sixgill Cow Shark teeth from Sacaco, Peru

Pair of Upper Fossil Hexanchus gigas - Sixgill Cow Shark teeth from Sacaco, Peru

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Species - Hexanchus gigas - Sixgill Cow Shark

Size - 0.81" and 0.75" long

Location - Sacaco, Peru

Age - Pliocene - Appx 3 million years old

Remarks - Embark on a captivating journey through the depths of history with our exclusive Pair of Upper Hexanchus gigas - Sixgill Cow Shark teeth, each measuring 0.81" and 0.75" long. These remarkable fossils hail from the arid desert of Sacaco, Peru, and date back to the Pliocene epoch, an astounding 3 million years ago 🦈🕰️.

Key Features:

  • 🔍 Rare Pair of Upper Hexanchus gigas Teeth
  • 📏 Measurements: 0.81" and 0.75" Long
  • 🌍 Origin: Sacaco, Peru
  • 🦴 Pliocene Epoch Fossils (3 Million Years Old)

Dive into the fascinating world of Hexanchus gigas, commonly known as the Sixgill Cow Shark. This species, characterized by its six gill slits, inhabited the ancient oceans, showcasing remarkable adaptability. Our 100% authentic fossilized teeth, free from repair or restoration, provide a tangible connection to this enigmatic creature's past existence.

As you add this unique pair to your collection from, you're not just acquiring fossils; you're embracing a piece of the Pliocene epoch. These teeth serve as a testament to the enduring fascination with Earth's biodiversity and the evolution of marine life.

Don't miss the opportunity to enrich your collection with these extraordinary fossils. Secure your piece of history now and bring the mystique of Hexanchus gigas into your space! 🌊✨

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