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Pair of upper and lower, posterior Sharply Serrated Fossil Great White Shark Teeth - Peru

Pair of upper and lower, posterior Sharply Serrated Fossil Great White Shark Teeth - Peru

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Species - Carcharodon carcharias - Great White Shark

Size - 0.60" and 0.59" long

Location - Sacaco, Peru

Age - Pliocene - Appx 3 million years old

Remarks - Dive into prehistoric realms with our remarkable pair of fossilized upper and lower posterior Great White Shark teeth, unearthed from the enigmatic deserts of Peru. Crafted by nature's hand over millennia, these teeth boast vibrant hues and finely serrated edges, each telling a tale of ancient oceans.


  1. Authentic Fossil Finds: These aren't just any shark teeth; they're genuine relics from the past, providing a unique connection to Earth's history.

  2. Vivid Colors: Admire the vibrant array of colors adorning these fossils, making each piece a distinctive and visually captivating addition to any collection.

  3. Perfect Pair Posterior: This set includes two finely preserved teeth, measuring 0.60" and 0.59" in length respectively, showcasing the diverse sizes of these ancient predators.

  4. Serrated Beauty: Marvel at the intricate serrations along the edges, finely preserved to showcase the formidable hunting prowess of the Great White Shark.

  5. Peruvian Origins: Discovered in the desolate deserts of Peru, these fossils carry the mystique of a distant era, adding intrigue to any display or collection.

  6. Old collection piece, legally exported well over 30 years ago. 100% authentic with glue repair. Winning bidder to receive full geological data on all teeth.\
  7. Peruvian Fossil Great White Shark teeth are extremely valuable and desired.
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