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Colorful 2.20" Fossil Great White Tooth from Summerville, South Carolina

Colorful 2.20" Fossil Great White Tooth from Summerville, South Carolina

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Species - Carcharodon carcharias - Great White Shark

Size - 2.20" long

Location - Summerville, SC

Age - Mid-Late Pliocene - Appx 2-3 million years old

Remarks - Discover a piece of ancient history with our stunning 2.20" Fossil Great White Tooth from Summerville, South Carolina. This remarkable specimen boasts vibrant colors and remarkable preservation, making it a standout addition to any fossil collection or a striking display piece.

Each tooth tells a story of the prehistoric oceans and the mighty predators that once roamed them. Our fossil is meticulously sourced from Summerville, SC, a renowned paleontological hotspot, ensuring its authenticity and quality.


  • Rare 2.20" Great White Tooth: A genuine fossil from the depths of history.
  • Summerville, SC Origin: Meticulously sourced from a prime paleontological location.
  • Vibrant Colors: Unique hues make this fossil a standout display piece.
  • Authenticity Guaranteed: Each tooth is carefully inspected for quality.
  • Perfect Collectible: Ideal for fossil enthusiasts and collectors alike.
  • Educational and Decorative: Adds a touch of natural history to any space.
  • Fossil Great White teeth are one of the most desired by collectors.
  • 100% authentic with no repair or restoration. All known geographical information will be provided to the buyer.

Bring the intrigue of ancient seas into your home or collection with our Colorful 2.20" Fossil Great White Tooth. Don't miss out on this unique piece of paleontological history!

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