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Massive 6.79" Fossil Monster Megalodon Tooth: A Stunning Specimen Close to Maximum Size of 7"

Massive 6.79" Fossil Monster Megalodon Tooth: A Stunning Specimen Close to Maximum Size of 7"

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Species - Carcharocles megalodon

Size - 6.78" long

Location - Southeast, USA

Age - Pliocene-Miocene - Appx 4-7 million years old

Remarks - Unearth the magnificence of the prehistoric era with our Fossil Monster Megalodon Tooth from Southeast, USA – an extraordinary specimen measuring a staggering 6.78 inches, just shy of its maximum size of a little over 7"! This genuine XL fossil showcases impeccably preserved serrated edges, offering a rare and captivating glimpse into the world of the mighty Megalodon.

Teeth this size are found maybe once or twice during the CAREER of an avid diver with many thousands of blackwater dives. And that was years ago - today the odds are almost zero. This massive tooth was found appx 30 years ago and has been deep inside a private collection until now.

Almost all teeth we sell will be free of repair or restoration and if there is any it will be clearly labeled and described. This tooth DOES HAVE EXTREMELY MINIMAL RESTORATION WORK DONE TO THE ROOT. This consists merely of filling in a couple small cracks in the center of the root, the bottom edge of the bourlette right above the enamel, and on the flat side (front) of the tooth just where the enamel meets the root. It was done a long time ago we suspect to add to the stability and overall aesthetics. In any case the work really is minor and this tooth is a good 98% natural with only 2% max restoration. The enamel, serration, root lobes, etc. are all totally natural and untouched and the size of this enormous monster is 100% natural and amazing. You may never find a larger serrated tooth available for sale as this is the rarest meg we currently have in our inventory or have had in many years.

This remarkable tooth is more than a mere relic; it's a tangible connection to a time when these ancient marine giants ruled the oceans. Perfectly suited for avid collectors, enthusiasts, and curious minds alike, it stands as a testament to the sheer power and grandeur of one of history's most formidable predators.

Each dent and ridge on this tooth tells a story of the deep past, making it a unique and educational addition to any collection. Don't miss the opportunity to own a genuine Megalodon treasure that encapsulates the essence of an era long gone. 

Dark River scuba for Megalodon teeth is definitely not for everybody! These brave divers face conditions like low visibility, waters infested with alligators, and high traffic of boats. 

100% authentic with minimal restoration. All known geographical information will be provided to the buyer.

Dive into history and let the awe-inspiring size and exceptional preservation of this Megalodon tooth leave you captivated!

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