Illustration of Steve Alter dreaming of finding a Huge Megalodon Tooth and Years later being an excellent Scuba Diver who finds fossils on the bottom of the rivers

Riding the Waves of Dreams: Steve Alter's Wild Ride from Kid with Shark Tooth Fever to Fossil Dealer

Steve Alter's homework in 2nd grade

As I sit back and reflect on the incredible journey my big love and life partner, Steve Alter, has embarked on, I am filled with pride and admiration. From the moment I met him, I knew there was something special about him, a spark that ignited whenever he spoke about his childhood collecting shark teeth in Jacksonville and Venice, FL with his mom (The beautiful Patsy) and grandmother.

So, this happened a couple days ago: we're digging through a box of ancient memories, old pics, and wrinkled papers and we found a 2nd grade gem, an old paper Steve wrote back in the day.

In that piece, Steve vividly described his childhood dreams of becoming a paleontologist. But... He wasn't just dreaming of any old shark tooth, he was dreaming of shocking the world with a 16-incher!! Probably from the granddaddy of all sharks, the Meg. The kid had some serious ambition!

Steve Alter's Paper written in 2nd grade Part 1

Seeing that paper, aged with time but infused with the enthusiasm of a young boy's dreams, was a powerful reminder of the amazing passion that has fueled Steve's journey. It was like if that little boy had planted a seed of inspiration for the man he would become.

Fast forward through four decades of life's ups, downs, and sideways twists, and Steve is not just a dreamer anymore - he's a full-blown action hero, living out his childhood fantasies. The dream of shocking the world? Well, let's just say he's on his way to making it happen....Somehow!

Steve Alter is not an average guy. He's the kind of person who turned his childhood dreams into a legit job. He's out there, scuba diving in the dark, scary waters for fossils of ancient sea monsters. And he's also the brains behind - the spot where the coolest relics from the depths find their home.

As the wife of this incredible man, I've seen firsthand the joy and fulfillment he derives from every tooth. The sparkle in his eyes when he talks about a rare or really big shark tooth, the excitement in his voice when he recounts a successful dive – it's contagious. Steve's passion has not only shaped his career but has become an integral part of our lives.

"Steve's Fossil Shark Teeth" is not just a business, it's Steve's dream come true. He's not just selling shark teeth, he's sharing stories, capturing moments in time. Finding that 2nd grade paper was like stumbling upon a treasure map that brought us here. 

We sincerely hope that more kids are able to follow their dreams in a similar manner. There's nothing we love more than shipping out a tooth to a kid who has saved up his/her allowance for months to be able to buy one. Or for that awesome family member who is buying one as a present for their own youngster - turning their dreams of owning a meg tooth into reality!

So big cheers to Steve!! (sips wine) – the dreamer, the scuba diver, the shark tooth dealer, the unconditional friend. Thank you for proving that dreams aren't just for bedtime. They're for grabbing life by the fins and riding the waves, 16-inch Megalodon tooth style. Can't wait to see where this adventure takes us next!


Wara Alter - Team

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