26 Years of megalodoneeth.com - And A New Beginning

26 Years of megalodoneeth.com - And A New Beginning

26 years ago (back in 1997) we revolutionized fossil shark teeth sales on the Internet. At that time there were no sites dedicated to the sale of these magnificent shark teeth fossils and only a few teeth could be found anywhere. This page - megalodonteeth.com - was the first, and, in many ways, everything you see online today can be traced back to our humble beginnings.Throughout these years we’ve witnessed the evolution of the digital landscape -  adapting and innovating with every twist and turn. We've undergone several website designs, strived to stay ahead of market trends, and consistently aimed to be the pioneers we've always been. Sadly, however, we stumbled in recent years as the industry shifted towards SEO optimization and paid advertising. This left our organic (and seemingly perennial) top search engine ranking in the dust. Our previous site remained static for far too long and we paid the price in lost traffic and sales.

It's time for a change.

While we might have lost our coveted #1 search engine ranking, one thing remains steadfast – our unwavering passion for these spectacular prehistoric shark teeth. We are still among the very top leading retailers and wholesalers of fossilized shark teeth globally. Our supply is intact, our love for diving and exploring during fossil shark tooth hunting adventures endures, and our enthusiasm for introducing these colossal megalodon shark teeth to our friends and customers has not wavered.

This new site will rectify all the prior shortcomings and combine ease of shopping with industry-leading photography, high-quality fossil shark tooth specimens, and the same excellent prices which we have ALWAYS been known for. Our inventory is expanding, with a focus on rare shark teeth and specimens from unconventional locations.

Subsequent (and frequent) blogs will cover many subjects and be focused on different species, locations, colors, pretty much whatever we feel is an interesting subject. These blogs will be educational learning opportunities, sneak peeks for new products, and sometimes just a collection of captivating photos that we hope you’ll enjoy.So - thank you to all of our loyal customers/friends over the years and our sincere welcome to our new ones. Despite 26 years in the making this is only the beginning.............


megalodonteeth.com Team


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