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Colorful 3.93" Fossil Megalodon Tooth from North Carolina

Colorful 3.93" Fossil Megalodon Tooth from North Carolina

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Species - Carcharocles megalodon

Size - 3.93" long

Location - Wilmington, North Carolina

Age - Pliocene-Miocene - Appx 4-7 million years old

Remarks - Embark on a journey through time with our Colorful 3.93" Fossil Megalodon Tooth – a scuba diver's dream discovery from the rich coastal waters of North Carolina! 🦈💦 Unearthed from the depths, this genuine Megalodon tooth boasts vibrant hues that tell a tale of ancient oceanic adventures.

🌈 Vivid History: Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Megalodon, the giant predator that once ruled the seas. Our 3.93" tooth is a rare glimpse into the past, with each vibrant color accentuating the journey this relic has taken over millions of years.

🌊 Coastal Marvel: Sourced from the coastal waters of North Carolina, this Megalodon tooth comes with certified provenance, ensuring authenticity and a genuine connection to the ocean's history.

🎨 Stunning Colors: Enhance your collection with a pop of color! The unique pigments on this fossilized tooth make it stand out, turning it into a captivating centerpiece for any enthusiast or collector.

🔍 Size Matters: Measuring 3.93 inches, this Megalodon tooth is a substantial and impressive specimen. Its size ensures it won't go unnoticed, making it the perfect conversation starter for enthusiasts and casual observers alike.

🏆 Key Features:

  • Genuine 3.93" Megalodon Tooth
  • Coastal North Carolina Discovery
  • Vibrant and Unique Colors
  • Ideal for Enthusiasts and Collectors
  • 100% authentic with no repair or restoration. All known geographical information will be provided to the buyer.

🦈 Explore the depths of history with our Colorful 3.93" Fossil Megalodon Tooth – a treasure that adds a splash of prehistoric charm to your collection. Uncover the mysteries of the ocean's past with this Megalodon tooth! 🌊🔍🦷 #MegalodonTeeth #FossilDiscovery #CoastalTreasure #PrehistoricCharm #NorthCarolinaFossils #OceanHistory #CollectorGem #AncientWonders


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