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6.68" Fossil Edestus heinrichi shark Jaw - 300 million years old

6.68" Fossil Edestus heinrichi shark Jaw - 300 million years old

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Species - Edestus heinrichi - Extinct Eugeneodont shark

Size - 6.68" long

Location - Southern Illinois

Age - Late Pennsylvanian - Appx 300-310 million years old

Remarks - Exceedingly rare to find for sale this is a beautiful and complete jaw from this extremely unusual species. The jaw contains five teeth and has been professionally prepared to show the amazing details of this fossil. As is typical with these rare jaws the tips of several of the teeth were incomplete or broken and have been either re-attached or MINIMALLY restored. This jaw is probably 98% natural with just minimal 2% of restoration work overall so it's an incredible find. One of the fossil world's most desirable shark fossils and also known as the "Scissor-Tooth Shark". This rare specimen, 300 million years old, is a testament to prehistoric marvels. Unearthed from Southern Illinois, it showcases the remarkable Edestus shark's unique and very desirable jaw structure with teeth.

Key Features:

  • Genuine 6.68" Fossil Edestus Shark Jaw w/Teeth
  • Origin: Southern Illinois
  • Rare Specimen from 300 Million Years Ago

100% authentic with extremely minimal restoration. All known geographical information will be provided to the buyer.

This extraordinary find offers collectors a unique glimpse into Earth's ancient past. With its rare status and historical significance, it's a coveted addition to any collection. Dive into history with this remarkable Edestus heinrichei Shark Jaw - a true gem for enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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